dandruff vs dry scalp

There is a lot of misconception between Dandruff and Dry Scalp for a common person. This misconception can lead to the wrong treatment. Actually this is all the hype created by the media and those advertisements that force people to think that every white flaky thing on their shoulders is dandruff, and only their shampoo can help you. But that’s not true. May be you have a white flake because of dry skin. Wrong guess can lead to the wrong treatment and it can damage more skin instead of helping.

So conclusion is that it’s very important that you should understand the nature of the problem before taking some action.

Dandruff vs Dry Scalp

But there are some points which can help you to check that if you have Dandruff or Dry scalp. Let me discuss one by one


Dandruff is the removal of dead skin cells from the scalp. Human body removes dead cells from the body as it’s a natural process. Same goes with the Dandruff four lakh and eighty-seven thousand (487,000) cells/cm removed after we shampoo our hair. It’s quite normal for an average man however number of cells varies for person to person due to many reasons. May be you are removing up to 800,000 cells/cm. According to a survey almost half of the world’s population of post-pubertal age is affected by the Dandruff. It includes any gender and ethnicity. It’s a very common scalp disorder. You can use any Good Anti-dandruff shampoo to cure. But the truth is there is no particular shampoo or useful treatment is available that is 100% effective. Yes you can use the one i use myself. Keep in mind never buy a shampoo that has (sulfate detergents). As it will destroy your hair instead of helping. Different ingredient has different effects. Zinc pyrithione targets fungus and bacteria; ketoconzaloe also helpful for fungusselenium sulfide slow the growth and die-off skin cells.

In most cases is dandruff is due to three reasons.

1. Secretion of Sebum or Sebaceous, a skin oil.

2. Malassezia yeasts.

3. Allergy or sensitivity Dandruff can cause self-esteem problems to people having this issue.

Some Common Myths about Dandruff:

  • Dandruff can be a reason of thin hair or hair loss
  • Dandruff means you don’t shampoo often. You have dirty hair and scalp
  • Baby shampoo is good for dandruff

But you know what? All these myths are wrong . There is no research that proves these myths are true.

hmmm but how you come to know that you are suffering from Dandruff? Let me solve your problem

If you have white/yellow flakes sticking to your hair. Typical dandruff also called as seborrhoeic dermatitis.

If you see small white flakes dropping from hair to your shoulders , this type of dandruff is called dry dandruff You can’t go to parties or can’t join any gathering just because of itchiness or irritation then chances are you are having visible flaking or scaling. One can have all or any one of the above signs.

Dry Scalp:

Most of the time dry scalp is due to the decrease in production of sebaceous glands. This Dehydration leads to the dryness of the scalp. This scalp dryness converts into the flake. People who drink very little amount of water have more chances of having skin problem. Psoriasis can also increase the sensitivity of scalp’s skin. It can appear anywhere on the scalp. Sometimes it appears in small patches/ and can be easily hidden with hair. Though are some other signs to know.

Red Patches: These reddish patches are not noticeable most of the time , thick and non-flamed.

Dandruff like Scalp: This looks like dandruff. But if you see it , you will find that it has a silvery sheen and dry scalp on the scalp. This is different from Dandruff.

Skin Crack : Sometimes skin is so dry that it makes skin crack. • Bleeding : As scalp psoriasis is itchy n people can’t resist to scratching. Scratching makes the scalp bleed. Scratching can also make the patches’ thick n bigger in size. Hair Loss: Scratching can also cause temporary hair loss.

Hopefully after reading now you know the difference between dandruff and dry scalp. You want to know what causes dry scalp?

Muhammad Shamaun